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Saudi Man 47 Years old Marry an 8 Years Old Girl

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Saudi Man 47 Years old  Marry an 8 Years Old Girl

The father of a Saudi girl to marry off his daughter with eight years old of a man in the fifth decade-old living in Al-Qassim region, but the girl's mother raised the crisis have ordered from human rights organizations and the courts help them to rescind Alakd.onqlt reports a Saudi journalist that the wife's mother the girl made on the grounds of the General Court, demanding dissolution of a marriage her daughter, which brought to mind the issue of marriage a man in a seventy-year-old girl in the tenth of Amrha.olm only did the wife's mother, which is at odds with the father of her daughter, raising the lawsuit, but appealed to the competent authorities and the Human Rights Commission to assist them in their efforts to annul the marriage contract, which sees it unequally, and deprives the wife of her childhood to live normally, knowing that the husband had two wives, two other Pentecostal other. And challenging introduction to the proceedings in the marriage contract confirming that it was in return for payment of the debts and father Alzojh.oahar source specialist court that this case is not the first of its kind, but it is more complex because the marriage was against the backdrop of the stubbornness of a family, were not taking the opinion of the wife small .orvd Saudi Pentecostal retreat his decision to marry a girl age does not exceed eight years, stressing that he did not commit forbidden to hold his marriage to the girl who became known as the "baby Onaizah", about a year ago and a half Am.ccant girl's mother filed a lawsuit to rescind the contract concluded by her husband, their daughter from Pentecostal, married already two others, accusing the girl's father married her to meet its debt repayment. The mother appealed, and that turned out to be at odds with her husband, the competent authorities and the Human Rights Commission, assistance to the dissolution of a Pentecostal Alzoaj.ela the pair refused to back down, and was quoted by the newspaper "life" of London Wednesday 13-8-2008, saying: "I did not sin against the , Vachara did not specify a specific age for marriage, and the Prophet peace be upon him married Aisha when she was 9 years old. " The man refused to comment on the lack of knowledge of the child and her mother to marry, saying, "Ask the girl's father about it." Meanwhile, considered the agent and the girl's mother legitimate (preferred anonymity) to infer the marriage of the Prophet of Aisha is not a guide marriage it is a statement of the case, "and guide So that the Prophet refused to marry off his daughter Fatima to Abu Bakr and Omar when Khtabaha under the pretext of her young age, while her husband Ali bin Abi Talib, and this is evidence that the act of the Apostle of its own, not as Male Couple girl ".oakd agent that authorized Marriages breached Blaúhtin of the executive regulations for Modhuna Marriages decades, because it is free marriage contract in Buraidah, a resident of the province Onaizah, as it is not certain satisfaction from fiancée on the marriage, even if the parent and the child that the child Aldha.ivkr succeeded to the fourth grade, and do not know they married despite the passage of nearly year and a half, to hold her father and marrying his friend over the age of 50 years. And raised her mother, who does not live with her husband, now, to suit the general court in the province of Onaizah requesting the annulment of the marriage contract, after he discovered it by accident.

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