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Tilahun Gessesse

  • Popular Beka Teleyayen

    Beka Teleyayen

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    Here's your request ShegerBella...the legendary Tilahun Gessesse :) RIP TILAHUN GESSESSE (September 29, 1940-April 19, 2009)

  • Popular Japanwan Wodije

    Japanwan Wodije

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    Ethiopian old school music. Japanwan Wodije by Tilahun Gessesse.

  • Popular Yetelash Yetela

    Yetelash Yetela

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    One of Tilahun's best work! listen to it until the end and you'll agree with me.

  • Popular Yehiwote Hiwet

    Yehiwote Hiwet

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    Tilahun Gessesse ye'hiwote hiwet oldschool amharic song.